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About Us

Order of the Day: We believe dining is not just about food; it’s about a memorable dining experience. We do everything we can to make your visit fun, relaxing, enjoyable and satisfyingly unforgettable.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Best Premium Cajun Seafood in Town

Ombak Kitchen, a family-friendly restaurant with one clear mission: to enrich life and living, whilst giving seafood-lovers a memorable experience! We go to great lengths to source the best premium ocean-fresh catch and meticulously prepare them using only the double-boiling method to ensure the natural seafood flavours are intact. Pure butter and Western spices are combined to create exotic sauces. Our “Pakai tangan jer!” and “No rules at the table” concept offer customers the freedom to savour seafood the Malaysian way! This urbanised dining concept at an affordable price is what led us to the helm of seafood dining.

Our Corporate Stand:

Ombak Kitchen, is founded upon the core principles of Friends to Mankind, an international non-profit organisation that works towards the betterment of humanity:

  • May your success be the success of humanity at large.
  • In considering you consider another too.
  • Doing what we can where we are.

Our businesses stand for the enrichment of life and living, and we are an active participant in The Blue Economy. We are dedicated to growing the nation’s business cycle and the community. We undertake the immense responsibility of ensuring in our success, everything around us is considered and enriched too. We take the stand that our success need not cost another their future because their well-being has already been included in our decision-making. This is a new way of entrepreneurship, yet a transformation we’re committed to bring.