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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 8 Crabs Crab Delivery Singapore?
8 Crabs specialises in express delivery of cooked crabs and local Chinese cuisine. Our signature dishes are our Chilli Crabs, Black Pepper Crabs, and Salted Egg Crabs.
What is Signature Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crabs Species? Why are the crabs from 8 Crabs better?
Apart from our experienced chefs who each have more than 10 years of cooking experience from 5 star hotels and reputable restaurants around the continent, we make it a point to only use wild catch Sri Lankan species crabs. The Sri Lankan Mud Crab that can be found in the waters of Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia, are generally much larger and meatier. It is unfortunate that most restaurants and crab suppliers in Singapore pass off their crabs as Sri Lankan Mud Crab Species, when in actual fact, they use crabs of other species that are more economical for business. We also ensure that they are wild catch.
Does 8 Crabs deliver?
Yes! It has been our forte. We even specialise in 1 hour crab delivery. The best part? We deliver freshly slaughtered and cooked crabs that are served to you in the comfort of your home, while pipping hot.
How much is crab delivery?
Delivery is free for all orders above $120. For orders below $120, delivery is only $8. We provide time slot delivery, or one hour delivery. As of 2020, we are the only provider of 1 hour fresh crab delivery in Singapore.
The crabs I received were DELICIOUS! What can I do to spread the amazing word?
Thank you for your kind compliments! You can do what tons of Singaporeans have already done. Post it on instagram of Facebook, tag us, and be prepared to get a token discount off your next order!
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