Our Menu

No Rules At The Table! That’s right. Crack it and pound it. Make all the noise and mess you want. We do it the good old-fashioned way. No cutlery, no tableware and no fuss. Just use your fingers to dig deep into the generous serving of soulful, spice-soaked seafood assortment and enjoy the finger licking good sauces to the last drop! Have It Your Way. Tell our waiters what you want.

Our 5 Specialty Sauces

ombak crazy cajun

For spices adventurer. This fiery and addictive gravy provides a positive sensation to your pallet through flavor, not just heat.

creamy zesty lemon sauce

Mild and flavourful, minus the spice

creamy tom yam sauce

This creamy version of Tom Yam is hearty & characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours

buttermilk sauce

Creamy, cool, and tangy, this is your go-to flavour

spicy chocolate sauce

Spicy but gentle on your taste buds

Alaskan King Crab

Canadian Lobster

Rock Lobster

Snow Crab Leg

Live crab

Live Fresh Oyster

Baked Oyster

BBQ Daging Bebola

buffalo chicken wings

fried sotong

ombak garlic bread

soft shell crab

Rainbow Dessert